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Jul 31, 2022 »

Unique Wedding Venues in DC 

The District of Columbia (DC) War Memorial aka the World War I Memorial (not the World War II Memorial next to it) is a small gem in the middle of a cluster of DC monuments. It is the perfect place for a small ceremony of 30 under the rotunda, or 200 on the lawn. You can rent the venue for 2 hours which includes setup and breakdown. So, consider this when planning for seating (optional, some ceremonies are standing only) and decor.

Logistically, getting to the…

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Jan 31, 2022 »

 Just Engaged? First 5 Things You Should Do 

CONGRATULATIONS to all the newly engaged!

It is an exciting moment isn't it! If you got engaged recently, over the 2021 holidays, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you are both excited, should enjoy every moment and take it all in.

In all of the excitement, there are a few things you should do during this momentous occasion:

1. Get Engagement Ring Insurance

The worst thing that can possibly happen is dropping your engagement ring in a drain or it slips off…

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